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Restore by Tiffany Dionne

Restore Book 2

Restore Book 2

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Reeling from her relationship with Gideon, Tiffany is starting her second year of high school. Determined to change from the angry person she’s become, she cuts off the loose ends of the past that have left her spiralling out of control.

Taking one step forward, but two steps back, Tiffany finds herself caught between two lives, two new friendships that not only pull her in opposite directions, but threaten her safety.

Julian loves her, but she can't let her walls down.

Caine is like a drug, but she can’t say no.

Her newfound relationships cause her to further question right and wrong, her relationship with God, and her struggle to fight the demons of her past. 

Can Tiffany overcome the trauma that riddled her childhood, or is it too late to rise above what was done to her?

In her groundbreaking, four-book memoir, Tiffany shares a vivid story of brokenness and love, domestic violence and the pursuit of a Savior, commercial sex trafficking and restoration.

The story of a lost girl's journey to hope.

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