Collection: T-Shirts

Hey you guys, “Restore Apparel” is finally here!! Since leaving the commercial sex industry I’ve had a call on my heart to do more, to not only share my story, but to give back to the community I was delivered from.

I woke up one morning nearly a year ago with an idea. I called my daughters in my room (I sent my older girls a text to the group chat) and said, “we’re starting a clothing line.” They we’re with it!! From there “Restore Apparel” was born.

Restore Apparel is “Streetwear with a Conscience,” created as a reminder that you can begin again. You can be Restored. Each purchase you make helps a survivor. A portion of all proceeds go towards the fight against sex trafficking and putting an end to exploitation.

I’m so excited!! When you rock this gear you’re changing the community we live in. Tell a friend. We can do this together.

- Tiff