About Tiffany

The Journey

Like you, author, advocate, and motivational speaker, Tiffany Dionne has encountered setbacks. She asked herself the questions, “Is there a way to overcome failure?” “Can I really change?” “Is it too late to fulfill my dreams, or is my future determined by the mistakes of my past?”

Tiffany is a highly sought after speaker whose much anticipated memoir, Restore | A Lost Girl's Journey to Hope, chronicles her experience of being kidnapped, ultimately being sex trafficked as a young adult, losing herself in the process, and the struggle to be found again.

She was broken, but that didn’t stop her from looking ahead toward the dreams in her heart.

Tiffany’s latest project, Restore Apparel, is a symbol that not only she, but others can begin again and be Restored. A portion of all proceeds of Restore Apparel go towards the fight against sex trafficking.

Tiffany’s ability to share her pain encourages others to move forward into a purpose filled future. Her heart for people and transparency is evident when she shares her journey to redemption. With a fusion of life stories, education, personal failures, and ultimate triumphs, she connects with listeners in a way that will have them on the edge of their seat.

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