About Tiffany

The Journey

Like you, author, advocate, and motivational speaker, Tiffany Dionne has encountered setbacks. As a young adult she often asked herself the questions, “Is there a way to overcome failure?” 

“Can I really change?”  

Today, Tiffany is a Social Activist and Survivor Leader in the field of human trafficking. 

She's a survivor of assaults that riddled her childhood and abuse that sent her life spiraling out of control. She was on a course set for pain, all culminating in destruction when she entered the dark world of sex trafficking as a young adult. She was broken, but that wouldn’t stop her from looking ahead toward the dreams that lingered in her heart.

Tiffany's highly anticipated memoir, Restore | A Lost Girl's Journey to Hope, chronicles her experience of being kidnapped, losing herself in the process, and the struggle to be found again.

She speaks from a place of strength and courage. Her story of restoration will make you laugh, it may make you cry, but most importantly it will encourage those who hear it to set aside the weights of the past and walk forward in their purpose.