Sex Trafficking Victim to Survivor



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Restore | A Lost Girl’s Journey to Hope

"Help, somebody help us!"
"Cardboard scraped against my shoulders. I struggled not to fall out of the box. It wasn’t big enough for the both of us. It was tearing from our weight.
“Mom, Dad!” I stuffed my feet into the corner. Seams ripped underneath me.
“Mrs. St. John…Mr. St. John!” Tori yelled.
My throat burned from screaming in the yard. “Help! Help us!” No one was coming. “Somebody, please help...!”



"This really needs to be a movie...Tiffany's story is so intriguing! It will make you happy, sad, mad, and glad all over again. Beautiful life lessons..."

"This book is a must read for teenagers that have ever been peer pressured and for adults that have been searching for a book that can put their own past into words..."

"Tiffany has done an amazing job with bringing the reader into her journey. You feel what she was feeling the entire book..."

"Excellent Read. I felt like I was there. The visuals provided were very detailed. The passion behind the story is very evident. The book highlights so many parts of life - divorce, peer pressure, underage drinking, sex, and finding God..."

"I was completely enamored with Tiffany Dionne's story. Her vivid, uncanny youth memories kept me on the edge of my seat, hoping someone would protect her, while at the same time bracing for a train wreck..."

"Everyone has a story, but this story was one like I'd never heard before. It's a story of God's grace, a young girl's perspective of being mature, and a lot of family drama. Tiffany has expressed her most intimate growing pains in a way that I couldn't stop reading..."

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"Restore" Books 1 & 2
I was kidnapped when I was 10 years old. I was ultimately sex trafficked as a young adult. Restore is the story of me being taken and the journey to being found again.
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